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San Elizario residents deal with damage from massive flooding

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:46 PM MDT
San Elizario residents deal with damage from massive flooding story image

By: Genevieve Curtis
SAN ELIZARIO, Texas -- Thursday morning's storms left much of San Elizario under water after floodwaters raged through the town.

The area was one of the hardest-hit areas in the Borderland.

Street after street virtually disappeared, looking more like moats than roads. County officials closed at least 14 streets.

In the middle of a moat on Alex Chacon Street and Oscar Chacon Street, Sylvia Valenzuela stood nearly waist-deep in water to get cars and trucks to turn around.

"They drive by and water's getting into the houses because of it," she said.

The drainage pond next to her home backed up, which gave the water no choice but to flow into the neighborhood.

"There's water (going) in the window," said Valenzuela.

Down the road from where Valenzuela stood, people in cars lined up for sandbags to keep the water at bay. Cecilia Ray says she waited about an hour for sandbags to help her sister.

"She's got low doors and the water is starting to go inside the house, so I decided to come and help her and take some sand to her," said Ray.

But when she reached the front of the line, she found the stock of sand had run dry, so the San Elizario Fire Department got creative.

"I'm getting the sand from my volleyball court; anything that we can help the people," said the assistant chief.

Volunteers dutifully shoveled the sand from the court into sacks.

Fire department spokesmen said they had calls of at least 75 homes with water inside.

In the midst of the storm early Thursday morning, Santos Cruz found himself knee-deep in something he always wants to flush out of his home.

"I'm taking all the ugly stuff out. Everything is still smelling real bad. My wife got sick because of it," said Cruz.

Cruz said he used more than 20 buckets.

Even through the pouring rain and property damage, some found time for a little humor.

One family hung a sign outside their home, surrounded by 2 feet of water, that read "No fishing."

The sheriff's office set up a command center in San Elizario but said so far despite the damage, they had no reports of accidents or injuries.

There are two shelters set up, one at the Clint Fire Department and one at San Elizario High School, but so far no families are staying there.

KFOX14 talked to two families that had to evacuate, but they're staying with friends. See their story tonight at 9.

If you need assistance and it is not an emergency, you're asked to call the Sheriff's Office non-emergency line at 915-546-2280.

San Elizario residents deal with damage from massive flooding
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