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Recent rains leave prime mosquito breeding grounds around Borderland

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:47 PM MDT
Recent rains leave prime mosquito breeding grounds around Borderland story image

By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas -- Heavy rains recently made standing pools of water a common sight in El Paso -- both inside and outside of city limits.

Those ponds are prime mosquito breeding grounds and officials with the city's Vector Control Division told KFOX14 how they know where to go to handle the issues.

"Where the reservoirs are, where there's culverts, some of the parks that are already ponding areas," said Danny Soto, code compliance supervisor for the city of El Paso's Vector Control Division.

After last week's torrential rain, standing bodies of water can be still be seen all over. Some are huge, others, not quite as large, but all have the potential to breed blood-sucking, sometimes virus-carrying, mosquitoes.

"We know the areas where the water does pond. So we already have it in our database, so we go out there and we check, we make sure there's no breeding and if there is, to treat it," Soto said.

Soto said as soon as the rains stop, his inspectors usually head out to the 50 or so known spots the next day.

"We larvacide. Then we put some oil on it. It will do like a quick kill, because the larva need oxygen to breathe, so the oil makes a film on top of it and then it kills them, it makes them suffocate," Soto said.

Patricia Rodallejas has seen the spike in her Socorro neighborhood.

"Well, usually my girls can be out here playing without any problems and recently they've been not able to be out in the back yard because of that issue," Rodallejas said.

She said her street and both her daughters' schools flooded after last week's downpours.

An arroyo down the street from her home is still filled with standing water -- what she feels is to blame for the recent bites on her girls.

"I don't let them come out as much. I don't let them stay out too late. If anything, I'm spraying them down before they go to school just to make sure that they're gonna be OK," Rodallejas said.

The city also relies on people calling them to report areas of standing water.

Soto said in the right conditions, mosquitoes can start to breed three days after a standing body of water accumulates.

Recent rains leave prime mosquito breeding grounds around Borderland
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