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Massive Socorro sinkholes destroy back yard, threaten homes

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:46 PM MDT
Massive Socorro sinkholes destroy back yard, threaten homes  story image

By: Bill Melugin

SOCORRO, Texas --

Thursday's heavy rains opened up two massive sinkholes in a neighborhood on Reid Road in Socorro, just off the Horizon exit from Interstate 10.

Dakota Gomez told KFOX14 her parents woke up in the middle of the night when they heard a crashing sound.

"The rain was really heavy, and then you could hear the tree fall in the back and hear the sand falling," Gomez said. "In the back, by my mom and dad's house, the tree fell, the waterline fell, the electric pole fell, everything went down into a sinkhole, we're afraid we're going to lose everything."

When KFOX14 was at the scene, the sinkholes continued to grow in size, and there was another problem.

A large river of runoff water from the freeway had cut right through the neighborhood, and was threatening to destabilize even more ground near the sinkholes.

The city of Socorro had not been out to help yet, so homeowners took things into their own hands.

Using shovels, they built a mud wall to divert the water away from their homes.

One of the men helping was the landlord who owns the property in the area, a man named Santiago Arana.

"It's really bad, I think it already destroyed one of my mobile homes, the people, the tenants down there are stuck, they can't get in and out," Arana said. "We are trying to divert the water from coming down here and creating more damage."

A city bulldozer eventually arrived and helped with the construction of the wall.

Now, homeowners can only hope that rain doesn't hit again.

"Hopefully this wall holds," Gomez said. "The storm in 2006 was worse."

Massive Socorro sinkholes destroy back yard, threaten homes
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