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Floods force San Eli families from homes

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:46 PM MDT
Floods force San Eli families from homes story image

By: Genevieve Curtis

EL PASO- Texas: Once the floodwaters started creeping in and began to rise, some families in San Elizario said they knew they had no choice but to leave.

"We just had to evacuate," said Flor Durate.

It was hard to find a piece of dry land in the historic community Thursday as floodwaters eroded the streets, cars sloshed through the roads and people waded out into the water in search of drier spaces.

Durate and her family made it out of their house after water began seeping in and covering their floors. Durate says seven people live in their home.

"We were just trying to pick up everything we can from the floor, putting it on the bed, table, everything," said Durate.

After some of the water retreated, Durate returned a few hours later to show KFOX14 the damage. The home was not accessible from the road and KFOX14 crews had to park a few blocks away and walk through feet of water before arriving at Durate's door.

"It was just totally a disaster. I mean, I know nothing like this had happened like this ever, but we don't even know what to do," said Durate.  She said she planned to try to stay with her sister for now.

The standing water closed at least 14 streets in San Eli and the fire department said it had reports of at least 75 homes with some type of flooding.

Siomara Gomez and her seven children found shelter with a neighbor after threatening water rushed in.

"Through the back door, all the water came through like a river, we were eating breakfast with our feet in the water, but then it started to rise and we realized we had to get out," said Gomez.

Others managed to stay dry, even when deep flood waters encircled their homes and some even tried to provide a laugh to their neighbors, posting a sign that read, "No Fishing!!"

Despite the heavy flooding and property damage, the El Paso Sheriff's Office reported no injuries or accidents.

Floods force San Eli families from homes
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