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Flood cleanup a slow process in San Elizario

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:46 PM MDT
Flood cleanup a slow process in San Elizario story image

By: Genevieve Curtis
SAN ELIZARIO, Texas -- Families in San Elizario are still trying to dry off after Thursday's devastating floods.

County crews have been out since Thursday trying to pump out the floodwater that made its way into several homes. However, many homeowners said they are still waiting to get some help.

Ana Ramirez said the flooding caused the sewer lines in front of her neighbor's homes to burst, which turned her front yard into a lake full of sewage.

"It smells nasty; it itches," Ramierz said and she described the water she has to walk through to get in and out of her home. "It's sad because you work so hard to build a house and this dirty water from the sewer is damaging our properties."

The murky waters made their way into Rubi Esther Marquez's home and soaked just about everything she owns.

"The water came inside. My bed got wet. My sofas. My clothes, I had to throw away. My shoes. My diploma got wet. I don't know what to do about it," said Marquez.

Like Ramierz, Marquez had to walk through a foot of sewage water to get in and out of her home. She said she's worried she could get an infection.

"I feel sad. I feel like crying," said Marquez.

Both said their calls for assistance from the Lower Valley Water District and the county have gone unanswered.

Private companies returned $200 to $800 estimates to pump out the water, a cost the women said they just can't afford right now.

Ramierz said she feels forgotten about.

"I'm sure everyone in San Elizario feels that way. We call everybody and nobody's is responding. It's frustrating. It's sad," said Ramierz.

County Commissioner Vince Perez spent a majority of the day in San Elizario where crews have been working overnight trying to make a dent in the overwhelming floods.

"The crews are working here as hard as they can and we've got all of our equipment deployed. We are trying to hit as many areas as we can," said Perez.

While KFOX14 was on the scene, Perez spoke to the families with sewage in their front yard and said he will try to see what can be done to help them.

The floods also caused some sinkholes in the area, watch for that story tonight on KFOX14 News at Nine.

Flood cleanup a slow process in San Elizario
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