Bugs invade the Borderland

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:47 PM MDT
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By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas -- Bugs seem to be out in full force in the borderland, and one local expert says the recent rains are to blame.

Cole Stetson described it best.

"They were black and kind of look like they had horns. I've noticed that all of them aren't really alive that much, they're just all smushed," said Stetson.

Lately, it seems like no matter where you turn, you see them.

"This time of year with all the rains that have been coming, the plants are growing. And plants are a food source for most of the bugs we have around here," said Rick Lobello, education curator for the El Paso Zoo.

Lobello said many animals even time their breeding to go along with the rainy season.

"So you would expect, the bugs would know, this would be a great time to reproduce, so the bugs are hatching from eggs and reproducing like crazy and that's why we're seeing so many bugs," Lobello said.

But many said they feel this year, it's worse than ever.

Everything from grasshoppers to stink bugs cover El Paso streets, sidewalks and even make their way inside sometimes.

Jennifer Rosales, a parent, said those bugs don't bother her -- she has another concern.

"It's just the mosquitoes. Especially with the West Nile and everything. I've got four kids and I have to make sure I keep them safe," Rosales said.

Arianne Marcee agreed.

"The mosquitoes are huge and out of control. The Off! (insect repellant) spray doesn't even work -- my daughter came home with about 30 bites," Marcee said.

But Stetson, isn't a fan of any creepy crawler and hopes they aren't here to stay.

Lobello said rains also make their way into desert holes which drives out critters like grasshoppers.

Bugs invade the Borderland
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