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Blog: Timothy McCullouch (First court appearance)


First court appearance

By: Melissa Gundersen
Timothy McCullouch, a former UTEP and El Paso Raider’s football player and a juvenile probations officer in El Paso County, was in federal court Thursday in connection with a sex-trafficking operation. McCullouch was arrested last week and charged with one count of conspiracy to commit sex-trafficking of persons and one substantive count of sex-trafficking of a minor. He made his first court appearance Thursday for his arraignment.

Investigators said he helped five members of the Folk Nation-Gangster Disciples street gang pimp out teenage girls and women. Together, the gang is accused of forcing women to have sex for money in El Paso, Killeen, Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Colorado.

According to the formal indictment, McCullouch was involved in the operation back in 2012 for about a month and profited from it. If he’s convicted, he could face up to life in federal prison.

It’s always shocking when someone with a resume like McCullouch’s is accused and arrested for something like this. Some may find it somewhat ironic that he was a juvenile detention officer and is accused of pimping out a juvenile.

It even seemed to shock him. When he walked into the courtroom, he was dressed in a green jumpsuit and was wearing handcuffs. When he was waiting for his arraignment to begin, he kept looking around the courtroom with big eyes and looked uncomfortable.

While arraignments like this are typically open to the public, I was asked to leave before the arraignment started and was told the courtroom would be closed today because they were “discussing charges.”

McCullouch is expected to be back in court tomorrow for a detention hearing.

Blog: Timothy McCullouch (First court appearance)

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