El Pasoans support anti-bullying laws

El Pasoans support anti-bullying laws story image

By: Ruben Veloz
EL PASO, Texas -- Some El Pasoans want the City of El Paso to make bullying illegal.
It's happening in other U.S cities, but not everyone agrees with the measure, saying current laws already do enough.
The law is known as Rebecca’s Law, and it was named after a 12-year-old girl who took her own life after being bullied.
It's been passed in Maryland, and could soon be passed in Florida, and a Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California.  
A similar law has yet to be introduced in El Paso City Council, but some El Pasoans would like to see it happen. 
"I've experienced it before and it makes me feel bad and to the point that they actually bullied my family,” said Lower Valley high School student Melissa Carbajal. 
Carbajal tells KFOX14 she fell into a depression after being bullied at school. 
"It's kind of scary in a way because you experience a lot of things,” said Carbajal. 
Many schools have stepped up efforts to stop bullying, including the El Paso Sheriff’s Office, by launching the Anti-Bullying Coalition, but some El Pasoans tell KFOX14 more needs to be done. 
Rebecca’s Law makes it a misdemeanor to pick on anyone between kindergarten and the age of 25.
Calderon tells KFOX14 it's a law he would like to see here in the borderland.
"I think we should but to an extent. I don't think you should get like the harshest penalty but also not the lowest,” said Calderon
The law covers physical, verbal, and cyber bullying, offenders would be required to seek therapy, take counseling and pay a fine. 
"I really do think it's a big problem here in El Paso, and I really think they should take proper measurements on how to take care of bullying,” said Calderon.       
The measure also holds parents of bullies responsible, but some El Pasoans worry Rebecca's Law is going too far.  
"It could be hard to control,” said Carbajal, who worries it could be going too far, in worst cases offenders could be jailed for up to a year, but as a victim Carbajal told KFOX14 it’s law she would consider supporting. 
"It might not end up a big deal but at the same time it might so I kind of undecided right now,” said Carbajal.
There are no plans El Paso City Council to make bullying illegal.
In 2011 El Paso county commissioners declared El Paso County a bully free zone. 

El Pasoans support anti-bullying laws
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